Making your website and digital operation work smarter is more important than ever 

There is little doubt that whatever your line of business, the next 12 months and beyond are going to be tough. However, the silver lining is that at least this time we know that a difficult period is around the corner – which gives us all time to prepare. 
So, ask yourself what you need to do to make your business ready to survive the downturn and come out the other side thriving. 
One thing is for sure, the last few months have taught us that an increasing amount of what we do is going to take place online, which means making our website and digital operation work smarter is more important than ever. 
Any change you can make – big or small – can have a significant impact on your business. That’s why an internet browser extension can be such a lifeline. These are small software applications that make it possible for you to customise your browsing experience and add features to your chosen browser. 
The main aim of these extensions is to save you time and allow you to work in a smarter and more streamlined way. So, what are the must-have browser extensions for your business and what can they do for you? 
Below we list nine of the very best that should be suitable for you and your business, no matter what line of work you are in. Sign up to these and you’ll soon start noticing the difference. 


Available on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge 
When you create any kind of content you are doing it in the name of your business, so it needs to be right. Grammarly is essentially an online proofreader which corrects your work as you go. It helps you to write clear and concise content every time you’re online. It flags any mistakes that you make but also helps you to write in a tidier way by making suggestions about readability. 


Available on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge 
We all know how popular video is, and creating your own videos just gets easier and easier. Loom is a free screencasting software and you can easily record your screen, voice, and face and instantly share your video and quicker than typing an email.  
The benefits of Loom are not only is it easy to use, you can record in HD, ability to trim your clip if you make a mistake, no restrictions on length of recording or amount of videos, multiple sharing options and also embed the videos on your website.  


Available on Chrome and Firefox 
If you’re a regular on social media and are often posting links, then a great way to shorten them is to use Bitly. This is especially useful when you are limited to the number of characters you can use, such as on Twitter, or just want to keep your posts short and snappy. 
If you sign up for a paid plan, you can even get branded links which all helps to build your online presence. 


Available on Chrome, Safari and Firefox 
Where does all the time go? It’s a question that we ask ourselves at the end of every day. RescueTime aims to finally help you answer this riddle. It shows you where you have been spending your time and helps you to build better habits by setting goals and even blocking some distractions. Finally, you’ll be able to get back all of those lost hours. 


Available on Chrome and Firefox 
Similar to RescueTime, Forest is an extension that aims to help you stay focused. You can create a pattern of time management that keeps you away from distractions and harnesses your energy and concentration into short 30-minute bursts. All you have to do is add the websites that take you away from the task at hand to a blacklist. A virtual tree grows all the time you stay away from these sites but if you slip up, the tree withers and dies. 


Available on Chrome and Firefox 
Another browser extension that helps you to stay focused and on point (we know that there are a few of these similar extensions listed here but we all know how easy it is to get distracted when you’re online). 
Momentum lets you create your own dashboard, so when open a new tab you will see a helpful motivational quote, images that calm and remind you to stay focused on what you are doing. It can also include your to-do list – and nothing grounds you quite like that. 


Available on Chrome, Firefox and Edge 
This free browser extension allows you to pin any image from the internet directly on to your boards. Just hover over the image and click and it makes it much easier to create your own content down the line. 

Adblock Plus 

Available on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge 
Do online ads annoy you or even distract you from the task at hand? Then use Adblock – one of the world’s most popular online ad blockers. It works especially well on sites such as Facebook and YouTube, speeds up loading times and protects you from viruses and malware. All of this can help to save you a huge amount of time in the long run. 


Available on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge 
Do you spend time every day trying to find or remember the passwords for the dozens of sites that require them these days? Then LastPass can help. It’s a dedicated password manager that remembers them all for you. All you have to do is create one master password and the rest is taken care of. No more being locked out of accounts and having to be sent text messages with new login details. It’s a real time saver. 

Why your online presence is more important than ever 

With the tough economic conditions that are coming, it’s all about being ready and making incremental gains. All of the above will save you time and effort, keep you focused and help to make you and your business more productive. This could be exactly what you need right now to help your business thrive. Most of these browser extensions are easy to set up and use, and within a day or two you will already be saving time and money. 
To succeed online and reach out to your audience, you will of course need a professional website that works for your business, creates a strong online presence and also gives the right first impression.  
If you would like more information about how to get your online presence ready for the year ahead, get in touch with a member of our team. Here at it'seeze Web Design Windsor we are always happy to talk with local businesses, offering reliable advice and support that can help your business grow.  
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