Using the internet to help your business grow and developing a strong online presence is now widely recognised as one of the most important marketing tactics available. This was already the case prior to 2020 but as the pandemic forced people to stay home, internet shopping and conducting research regarding products and services online is now the new norm. 
Nowadays when businesses begin their journey, one of the first things that they do is contact a professional web design company. They get set up with a professional and easy-to-use website packed with captivating content that promotes their business, what it does and what sets it apart from the competition. 
Content is an incredibly effective way to set yourself up as a voice of authority, attract users to your website and also pre-empt customer’s questions. Many businesses make the mistake of taking a lacklustre approach to what they publish. This manifests itself in lazy, general content that does not provide the reader with anything they didn’t already know. Your content should be entertaining, engaging and something that your potential clients are genuinely going to want to read. 
Here is a roundup of what consumers expect when it comes to reading engaging content and how you can create it. But before we delve deeper into what the best ways are to create content, there are a couple of helpful tips that you should keep in mind. 
 Ask Yourself, “So What?” 
Every time you write something with the intention of grabbing the attention of consumers, you should read what you have put together and ask yourself, “so what?” Essentially, consider what you have written and why somebody might find it interesting. 
Whenever you visit any site on the internet that is trying to sell something, there are repeated phrases everywhere, such as, “valuing customer service” and “providing a high-quality service”. Regardless of how true this is to you, potential customers will see this same thing everywhere, so it is important you demonstrate exactly how you show these values. In a nutshell, don’t tell them – show them. 
The best way to stand out is to make sure you define what you can offer clients, rather than just making promises they will have seen a hundred times over. People are going to respect the transparency of your business, meaning they will be more 

Use a Conversational Tone if Appropriate 

IBefore you start writing the content for your website, you will need to decide on a tone of voice. This should be a tone that clearly shows the client how you wish your brand to be perceived. This can be formal if you so wish – companies who work in insurance and security often opt for a more formal tone; however, you shouldn’t be afraid of sounding conversational. People are much more willing to engage with a brand if they speak in a way which is accessible. 

If You’re Struggling, “Tell” Don’t “Write” 

Writing doesn’t come naturally to everybody so if you’re sitting in front of an empty computer screen, struggling to find the words to articulate your brand, you should instead speak them out loud and record them. Afterwards, listen back to the recording and type up what you said, then rework them in a way which is easier to read. 

Hire a Professional 

There’s no getting around the fact that creating content which is engaging, interesting and can lead to the growth of your brand is a difficult task. Having to do this alongside running your business can sometimes seem borderline impossible. It’s for these reasons that a lot of organisations opt for the help agencies such as It’seeze Windsor who can create a website full of engaging content for prospective customers to consider. Discover more about the benefits of hiring a professional copywriter. 

What You Should Consider When You’re Creating Content? 

Here is what you should consider when you begin creating content for your website: 
Who Are Your Target Audience? 
The way you write and the topics that you decide to cover should be influenced by who you’re actually trying to target with your content. Who is most likely to be affected by what you write and how will this effect help your business? Once you have a clearer understanding of this, it will be a lot easier for you to work out what content you should create. 
This comes back to the “so what?” element that was discussed earlier. Take the time to think about the information you are writing and why people are going to leave the page having gained something. Look at the article you have created and consider whether or not it is something you would click on and read. If it turns out you wouldn’t, ask yourself why and amend the article accordingly. 
Embedding keywords within your content is very important as they will allow you to rank higher on different search engines. If you are using keywords that pertain specifically to your industry, that’s great, as it means when people search for those keywords, your content will show up. This also means you will be more likely to convert the clicks on your website into sales because the people reading were actively searching keywords relating to your industry. 


When you are trying to use the internet to promote your business, products and the services you offer, whilst also highlighting why you pip the competition to the post, creating unique and engaging content is the way to do it. That being said, this can be difficult and time consuming. 
At it’seeze Windsor, we are experienced in creating websites and compelling content for Windsor-based businesses at affordable prices. If you are interested in working with us, then do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have. Let us help you find a way with words! 
We look forward to hearing from you. 
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