With Facebook still considered the world's biggest social media network, it’s undeniable that we’re living in an era where social media is king. 
The rise of Instagram, Twitter, and even LinkedIn, has created new methods of advertising and reaching your customers and prospects. 
Email marketing has been around for a long time, long before any form of social media. It’s always been a great way to reach your audience and to promote your products and services to them. 
We all receive emails from websites we just visited or newsletters from businesses which we unknowingly subscribed to. For busy and time-pressured business owners the question now is: is email marketing still effective? 
Here are some reasons why we believe email marketing is still worthwhile. 

1. Email logins 

Whether it’s a different email for your new social media account or it’s just data migration and you want a new address to kickstart the new year, you will have an email account connected to whatever you sign up to online. 
Everyone has their email accounts connected to them – and that’s why email marketing will always be around. The market will always get notified, and inboxes are always opened. This means that the emails you send, always have a good chance of being viewed. 

2. Personalisation is more targeted 

Email campaign platforms like MailChimp or AWeber are now available. Automated and built for customisation and functionality, these platforms enable you to personalise and edit your emails for your target market. 
The data gathered from emailing marketing is more specific than through social media advertising, down to the very exact prospect you are trying to reach. 

3. The costs are minimal 

Bidding on advertising platforms takes not just effort and ongoing optimisation, but they also cost money on a “per click or impression” basis. Email marketing platforms on the other hand, can offer mass email send outs for free on trial accounts, which can be very helpful if you’re a small business on a tight budget. 
The paid/premium email subscription services tend to range from around £20 to £100 a month, depending on the service or add-on you want. 
The final and probably most important aspect is that email marketing offers you the chance to make more impressions on your database. If you’re emailing to existing clients, then they already trust you, and by emailing new offers, you’re increasing the chances that they’ll make another purchase with you. 
If you’re emailing prospects who have shown interest, but never made the purchase, then sometimes it’s important to remember that people often don’t buy right away. Potential customers take time to think and have other priorities. By having an automated email sequence that communicates with them 5-10 times following an initial contact, you’re putting a constant reminder in front of them to make that buying decision. 
To conclude, we believe that email is still a fantastic method of reaching your customers or prospects as it’s inexpensive, flexible, and can be very specific also in terms of the data gained. 
So...is email marketing still worthwhile? Absolutely! 
Final note: make sure not to send bulk emails from your standard email client such as Outlook or Gmail. You can end up with your email address being marked as a spam. Make sure to use an email marketing client like some of those we mentioned above. 
If you're already an it'seeze client and you're interested in getting started with email marketing, find out how we can help here. If you've not yet signed up for an it'seeze website, why not explore our affordable web design services or get in touch with our friendly team to find out more. 
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