Do you have a great site that has excellent content, feels modern, functions well, and looks better than your competitors? 
Is it perhaps you’ve got a great looking website that you’re proud of, but maybe it’s not getting enough enquiries? 
There are some quick wins that you can do to help you increase your website's conversion rates.  
After all, great website traffic doesn’t mean very much at all if people are visiting your site but not actually converting into sales or enquiries. 
For example, if you currently convert 5% of your website visitors into leads (i.e. phone calls or contact form enquiries) and you were able to increase that figure to 10%, you’d effectively be doubling the number of leads you receive in a year, potentially doubling your business if you rely solely on leads from your website. 
Here’s our short guide consisting of 7 simple steps to make sure you have a better chance of increasing website conversions: 

 1. Make sure you have a call to action button 

Every business website needs to have a call to action button. This button should encourage your website traffic to complete a desired action, such as booking an appointment, making an enquiry, requesting a quote, or visiting your shop.  
The button should be prominently displayed on your site, using contrasting colors to make it as visible as possible. 

2. Include your contact details in the website header 

If you have a customer service team, include your business phone number, email address, and other ways in which people can reach you for enquiries in your website's header. Make it as easy as possible for people to get in touch.  
Having contact details prominently displayed can also act as a secondary call to action. 

3. Add testimonials 

Testimonials are a key marketing tool that you should definitely use on your website. 90% of customers are influenced to make decisions by seeing positive reviews.  
Get creative with them, don’t just use a wall of text, but ask clients for a headshot, feature a snippet of the best text as a short headline, spread them throughout your website, and include the clients’ location, name, and business name if possible to make the reviews feel more authentic. 

 4. Never use a wall of text 

Don't fill your website with overwhelming blocks of text - always try to include a mix of images and text so that it feels professional and is easy to read. Make sure to use headlines in the right places, and try to break up text with bullet points and paragraphs. 

5. Include membership badges and accreditations 

If you’re a member of any organisations or authorities that provide logos and badges, such as Trust A Trader or the RSPCA, putting these on your website can definitely help to build up trust in the mind of your prospective client as they show your professionalism and credibility. 

6. Add videos or infographics of your products and services 

If you think your services or products are complex to understand, use short videos or infographics to explain them. The benefits of having a video on your website are many. Google loves them, they lower bounce rates, and they generally increase the time spent on the site.  
Believe it or not, on split tests measuring whether videos should be set to play automatically or not, auto play has been proven to increase conversions, as much as it’s sometimes annoying to website visitors! 

7. Shorten your contact forms 

No matter how amazing your website is, long enquiry forms rarely convert. Try to limit what you ask for from your clients and consider collecting only essential information. This way you can increase your enquiry rate.  
Ensure the forms are also mobile phone optimised, and that the enquiry notifications are definitely going to the right email address. 
If you don't yet have a business website that you can be proud of, then we'd love to help you stand out from the crowd online. At itseeze Web Design Windsor, we offer creatively designed and affordable websites that are built with your business needs in mind, so that you have everything you need to receive enquiries and win more business on the web. Get in touch with us today to find out more.  
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