Google My Business (GMB) is a free web tool designed to enable business owners to manage how their business appears on Google. Appearing on Search and Maps, GMB is a great way to rank organically, and on top of other businesses surrounding your location. 
GMB is a platform that is obviously still under continuous development by Google. Just recently, Google rolled out new features that make the business list system more user-friendly, and more informative.  
Here are 3 of our favourite changes in 2018: 

1. GMB Videos 

Google My Business has now enabled the uploading of videos in the dashboard. Aside from viewable photos under the tabs "By Owner", "Interior", "Exterior", and "At Work", individuals looking for services that are in line with the nature of your business may already see and watch your uploaded videos once they discover your listing.  
This is useful especially when you’ve maybe had some great professional company videos created or you can showcase a reel of work that you’ve done. 

 2. Additional Posts Types 

Aside from general posts regarding your business, GMB has now enabled the creation of two additional kinds of posts: (1) Offers, and (2) Products. 
Offer Posts let you publish ongoing promotional sales and current discounts you might have. 
On the other hand, Product Posts give you the flexibility of detailing your products further. From official Product Name to Price Range, you may now promote them one by one within GMB. 

3. Queries on Insights 

GMB now also provides a new significant addition on Insights, which take the form of Queries. Queries let you know the top specific phrases (or keywords) that potential customers have used to find, discover, and view your listing. The keywords are listed beside the approximate user count or search. 
However, if you don't have your Google My Business listing yet, it is highly suggested that you create one (or claim existing listings) immediately. As a start, visit to create one. 
You have to give and provide all the immediate information Google asks for your business, as these are the details that the search engine will directly display online. Make sure that all the information you provide is correct and is consistent with what you post on your website, because Google My Business also provides an avenue for you to link your listing back to your site. 
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