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Do you have a great site that has excellent content, feels modern, functions well, and looks better than your competitors? 
Is it perhaps you’ve got a great looking website that you’re proud of, but maybe it’s not getting enough enquiries? 
There are some quick wins that you can do to help you increase your website's conversion rates.  
After all, great website traffic doesn’t mean very much at all if people are visiting your site but not actually converting into sales or enquiries. 
For example, if you currently convert 5% of your website visitors into leads (i.e. phone calls or contact form enquiries) and you were able to increase that figure to 10%, you’d effectively be doubling the number of leads you receive in a year, potentially doubling your business if you rely solely on leads from your website. 
Here’s our short guide consisting of 7 simple steps to make sure you have a better chance of increasing website conversions: 
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