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Website Design & Development  

Will my website show up in Google? 
Yes. SEO is at the heart of everything we do when it comes to designing and building your website. We know the more search engine friendly your website is, the better your chance of appearing higher up in the search results when people search for your business on search engines like Google. 
Will I own my website? 
You’ll have full ownership of your it’seeze website’s design and content. Most clients choose to stay with us, but if for any reason you decide to move your website from us then you’ll receive a static copy of your website for you or your new web designer to integrate into a different system. Please note that due to our unique in-house content management system, if you do move your website elsewhere then you may not be able to replicate the exact functionality of your website. 
Can it’seeze source photos for my website? 
Yes. If you don’t have suitable quality images of your own then we can source high-quality stock images from Getty Images as no extra cost. 
What payment options do it’seeze websites support? 
With an it’seeze ecommerce package your website can integrate with most of the popular payment providers, such as PayPal, Stripe, Authipay, Cardstream, ePDQ, Global Iris, PayVector, Sage Pay, and WorldPay. 
We may be able to add other payment gateways to your ecommerce website, for a one-off cost, if we don’t currently support your payment gateway of choice. 
Will my website be mobile-friendly? 
Yes, it’seeze websites are fully responsive. That means that your website will look great on all devices, whether you’re looking at it on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. 
What is SEO? 
Short for search engine optimisation, SEO is the process of helping your website appear higher up the ranking in search results of search engines like Google. The higher up your website ranks, the more likely customers are to check out your website. 
How long will my website take to create? 
Once your website brief has been submitted, we aim to complete your website in 3-4 weeks. 
Will my website be built to W3C standards? 
Yes – every website we build is built in-line with the standards set out by W3C (the World Wide Web Consortium). 
Can I sell online with an it’seeze website? 
Yes. We offer an ecommerce website package that makes light work of selling on the web. It comes with tonnes of tools and fantastic features that will enable you to successfully manage your shop and, importantly, generate more sales. 
Will I be able to edit my website? 
Of course, you’ll enjoy complete control over your website content thanks to our website editor that’s easy to use even if you have little or no experience in editing websites. 
We make sure every client is confident with using their website and can carry out the tasks they need to do. Training is provided as standard on all of our website packages. 
Airtime Parking website
Airtime Parking website
Ecommerce website
Airtime Parking website
itseeze website designers
Ecommerce website
itseeze website design team

Website Packages & Subscriptions  

What’s included in the monthly subscription? 
Your monthly subscription is bursting with fantastic features, including: 
Ongoing support from your dedicated consultant as well as the it’seeze Head Office team 
Access to our online support centre, packed with loads of the latest resources and guides 
Secure web hosting on reliable UK based servers 
A free SSL certificate for enhanced website security 
The ability to edit your website using our straightforward and easy to use it’seeze website editor 
New features, tools, and security updates on a regular basis 
Domain registration and renewal 
Five professional email addresses and a 1GB mailbox 
Daily website backups to protect your data 
Ongoing monitoring to keep your website safe and online 
Intelligent spam filtering to reduce the amount of junk mail you receive 
Why does it’seeze use a subscription model? 
Websites are ongoing, live projects. That means they need to be kept up to date with new features, security updates and your business may change over time. We’re able to provide competitively priced web design services by offering a pay-monthly service that helps you spread the cost and have the peace of mind that we’re always on hand to help. 
When does the monthly subscription start? 
As soon as you start working with us, your monthly subscription begins. That means you have instant access to our talented team and we can work together to make sure your website is everything you hoped it would be once it goes live. Once we’ve received all your content we will book a production slot for the website to be built, and when you’ve given us the green light your website will be set live. 
Can I upgrade my website package? 
Yes, even if you are still within your minimum term contract, you can upgrade your website package at any time. 
Ecommerce website
Ecommerce website
Ecommerce website
Ecommerce website
Ecommerce website

Website Hosting and Domains  

What is a domain name? 
A domain name is a unique web address that’s used to find your website on the internet. 
Can I keep my existing domain name? 
Sure, we’ll need to know the details of your domain name’s registrar then we’ll transfer it for you. We can do this without taking your website offline so there’s no disruption to you or your customers. 
What is web hosting and do I need it? 
Think of it as where your website lives. All the different parts of your website, from images to text and everything else, needs to be stored somewhere and that’s on the server of your web hosting provider. That’s who you choose to “house” your website with. When someone wants to visit your website, their computer will connect to your web hosting provider’s server and access your site. 
Can I host my it’seeze website with another provider? 
No, but you won’t pay anything extra for our web hosting services as it’s included as standard in all of our website packages. Our secure server gives you the peace of mind that your website will stay safe and be accessible to visitors at all times. Plus, you’ll also be able to access our unique website editor which makes editing your website a breeze. 
How do I purchase a domain name? 
If you haven’t already purchased a domain name then we can purchase and register one for you at no extra cost. Your domain name will need to be renewed every year, but we can also take care of this for you and it’s included in your website package. 
How often do I need to renew my domain name? 
To keep your website live, your domain name needs to be renewed annually. This also prevents anyone else from being able to register that particular domain name as their own. All it’seeze websites receive domain renewals as standard so we’ll take care of them whilst you’re an it’seeze customer. 
Does it’seeze provide a web hosting service? 
Yes, reliable web hosting is really important which is why web hosting on UK-based servers is included in all of our website packages as standard. 
Does it’seeze provide email services? 
Yes, you can have up to five personalised email addresses along with a 1GB mailbox as standard with all our website packages. Plus, if you switch your emails to us you’ll also benefit from anti-spam technology to keep your emails safe and secure. 
Airtime Parking website
Airtime Parking website
Airtime Parking website
Airtime Parking website
Airtime Parking website
Airtime Parking website
Airtime Parking website

About it’seeze  

What kinds of businesses does it’seeze work with? 
We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from start-ups and sole traders to large, long-running companies and across all industries. 
Does it’seeze use templates? 
No. Your website should be as unique as you are. Each and every website we create is made from scratch to suit the needs and objectives of your business. 
Does it’seeze provide an after-sales service once my website is complete? 
Yes, we don’t stop working for you and your business just because your website is live. We provide ongoing support for all our websites as standard. 
Is it’seeze a data controller or processor? 
it’seeze is the data controller for the data we hold on clients and prospective clients. When it comes to the data collected and held by our clients through their it’seeze websites, we are a data processor. 
Who is responsible for the data collected through my website? 
As the owner of your website you’ll be the data controller, so the one collecting and using personal data. That means you’re responsible for the personal data collected through your website as well as the responsibility to ensure the data is stored securely and used correctly. 
Your website may use third-party components, such as iframes and various widgets, and you are responsible for how these data processors, the ones processing data on your behalf, use data collected via your website. All third-party components available through the it’seeze website editor are checked for GDPR compliance. 
Does it’seeze outsource its design work? 
No, all our websites are created in-house by our talented team here. 
Who will I work with during the project? 
You’ll have a single point of contact throughout the web design process so you’ll know exactly who to speak to and never be passed from pillar to post. Just pick up the phone, email or request a meeting and your point of contact will help you with everything you need to know about your website. 
Is it’seeze GDPR compliant? 
Yes, it’seeze is fully GDPR compliant. We’re registered with the ICO as both a data controller and a data processor. To find out how we process and store data, read our privacy policy. 
Are it’seeze websites GDPR compliant? 
Yes, all our websites are designed and built in line with GDPR rules. This includes features such as a standard privacy policy and cookie policy including updated cookie notices, a free SSL certificate and clear contact forms. 
Can I replace the standard it’seeze privacy policy with my own? 
Yes, once you’ve signed and returned our privacy policy indemnity agreement, you can replace our standard privacy policy with your own. The replacement privacy policy must incorporate all of the clauses from the it’seeze standard privacy policy that cover what our website editor does with data, how third-party services process data, and how cookies are used on your site. 
We would recommend that you incorporate your own clauses into our privacy policy rather than replacing the entire policy with your own. This means that whenever we make changes, your policy will still update automatically and include up to date clauses on how your website processes data. 

Still need answers? 

If you’ve got a question that hasn’t been covered then feel free to get in touch. We’re here to help you make the best decisions for your business when it comes to your website. 
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