Video content marketing is an incredibly powerful force when it comes to getting word out about your business. As such, having one on your landing page, about page or on the main page of your site can be written with different advantages. This post will discuss exactly what those advantages are. 

It’s a Simple Way to Deliver Your Message 

Naturally, the minute somebody goes onto your website, you are going to want to tell them exactly who you are, what you do and why you stand out above the competition. A video is an incredibly easy way to do that in a short amount of time and also in a way that isn’t exhausting for the visitor. You are also able to supply visitors with visual aids, for example, if you wanted to do a demonstration of your product and explain how it works all in one go. 
A video should never be an entire replacement for written content, rather, it simply backs up what you have written. It is very effective at getting your brand across and sometimes you can do more in a short video than you could in a page of writing. 
If you wanted a soundtrack to go along with the video then there are plenty of options for free resources like non-copyrighted music that you could use. However if you are using a professional videographer, they would most likely source a paid option for the video to protect against any copyright infringements. 

Videos Can Bring in New Visitors from Search Engines 

A lot of search engines are starting to prefer the use of video content, not to mention, anything you produce has the ability to be shared to other video platforms. YouTube is obviously the main one but you can also share them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. When you upload a high quality and engaging video, you are giving yourself more of a chance to attract visitors from different search engines. 

Videos Can Add to Your Brands Voice 

You don’t have to look at videos as necessarily making money or driving traffic to your site, instead this content is a good way that you can begin to contribute to the voice of your brand. It’s a quick way to introduce the voice of your company so that people can learn more about you, your employees, environment and ethos. 

They Bring Traffic Back to Your Site 

If you are producing a lot of video content that is regularly adding value for viewers, your chances of not just gaining new clients but retaining existing ones increases. You will be offering continuous value in your videos and as such can work in a number of different buying actions in order to keep people coming back for more. 

Videos create more engagement 

Videos can be incredibly entertaining. Sure, they are a good platform to promote yourself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Some of the best adverts ever made derive from creativity and have been incredibly effective for a company’s branding as a result. Given how much people are into internet trends now, there’s also always the chance your video may go viral, and if this happens the chances of your brand getting noticed only increases even more. 

Videos Can Help You Stand Out from The Competition 

If you are producing high quality video content that is engaging and entertaining, you’ll give yourself an instant edge over the rest of the competition. Again, this all factors into further improving your brand and boosting your notoriety and professionalism. 

Improve the Authenticity of Your Company 

It’s one thing driving traffic to your website, but if people aren’t going to stay on there then those visits won’t lead to conversion. A simple video will keep people engaged and they will stay with you and your content for longer than if they were just met with words and pictures. As such, the longer they remain on the site, the more chance you have of converting their visit into a sale. 

They Keep People on Your Website Longer 

Due to the constantly increasing rates of voice searching that we are starting to see, it makes a lot of sense to start catering the content on your site to appear for voice searches. Doing this means changing the way your content is worded as when people search for something verbally, they do so in a much more conversational tone. 
It’s important that the content on your website is reflective of the way people will search for your markets. This can be tough to do and so it may be worth enlisting the help of a professional web design company. At It’seeze Windsor, we are experts at creating SEO friendly websites that are unique, high quality and easy to use. If you would like to engage further with our services, then please do not hesitate to get in touch


Of course, there are many benefits to using a video on your website but going about making them and putting them in the right place can be tricky. It’s for these reasons that so many businesses opt for the help of professional web design companies such as It’seeze Windsor. It’seeze Windsor are experts at putting together websites, using blog posts, videos, images and whatever else fits your brand. If you would like help growing your online presence, then do not hesitate to get in touch
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