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By attracting customers and conducting more business, organisations are able to continue to develop, further establish their presence in their market and showcase the quality of their work, all of which allows for growth. That being said, internal growth is just as important. Employees need to continue learning about the work they do, why they do it and the best way it can be carried out practically. 
More organisations are using a Learning Management System (LMS) to educate their employees and also offer services to customers. Here, we will discuss the benefits of your business using an LMS, what you should consider when choosing one and a few systems it could be worth considering as a starting point. 
It should be noted, choosing the right LMS, because of how crucial it is to your business and the vast number of options that are available to you, can be an incredibly daunting decision to make. If you would like further advice, you may want to consider enlisting the help of Web Development Companies who will be able to assist. 

 The Benefits of Using Learning Management Systems 

You can organise eLearning content in one location 
Content used for eLearning can spread out across multiple hard drives and devices. By using an LMS, you are able to store all of these different eLearning materials in one location. Not only does this make learning simpler, it prevents the risk of losing important data. 
You are provided with unlimited access to eLearning materials 
Once all of the eLearning content you intend to rely on is together, you can upload them onto the LMS and publish them. As a result, not only will you have unlimited access to this information, but so will your audience. 
Less in costs 
There are less practical costs involved with using an LMS as they do not require online training site rentals, instructor travel costs or printing costs. You can save a large chunk of money moving your training online, hence why so many businesses are currently doing it. 
It’s easier to keep up to date with compliance regulations 
If your company is required to stay up to date with compliance regulations, an LMS is an extremely useful tool. Given the nature of compliance laws, which have a tendency to change regularly, continually adapting your content to coincide with these changes can be an extremely time-consuming process. When you use an LMS, you are given the option to add new compliance standards to online training courses within a matter of minutes. 
It’s easier to expand your eLearning courses 
If you are in a position where you wish to add additional online modules or content to the eLearning courses that you already offer, an LMS can make this incredibly simple. You will be able to make any necessary additions without having to reload or completely redo the course that you already offer. 

Choosing the Right LMS for You 

Choosing the right LMS software
There are a variety of different LMS’s available and the right one for you will vary depending on what you are trying to achieve and what industry your business operates in. There are a number of options available but below are some examples of popular LMS’s depending on what type of organisation you work for. 


Podia is a very useful site to use for multiple businesses as it allows you to sell your work including online courses, digital downloads, recurring memberships and webinars. The price of Podia varies depending on which subscription you choose, each of which come with different features. These include: 
Mover - £28.00 a month 
Shaker - £56.00 a month 
Earthquake - £127.00 a month 
These prices can be cheaper if members commit to a year rather than a month-by-month contract. 


A similar LMS to Podia, Thinkific allows users to create and sell online courses and memberships, whilst businesses can incorporate their own branding to remain unique. Regardless of the size of groups that you intend on teaching to, Thinkific will make it incredibly easy for you to reach people and consequently grow your business. 
Thinkific offer users a free trial in order to assess whether their core features work for your business. If so, the prices vary depending on the plan used, which include: 
Basic - £28.00 a month 
Pro - £56.00 a month 
Premier - £282.00 a month 


Vagaro is often used by beauty businesses and salons. With a mission to help small businesses and independent professionals, thanks to the innovative offerings it has, Vagaro is designed to remove guesswork from the operations of businesses, allowing them to thrive. 
This LMS is also used by the likes of Yoga Instructors, Nail Technicians and Barbers. 

PT Distinction 

This is a really useful LMS if you are a personal trainer. With an overall Trustpilot review of 4.9, Personal Trainers from all over the world are opting to use this software. It allows successful trainers to build their business and reach out to clients online. PT Distinction allows you to customise your branding so that anyone using your LMS will be able to recognise your business as its own individual entity. 
PT Distinction is reasonably priced, offering 3 different types of membership which are: 
Novice - £15.00 a month 
Pro - £43.00 a month 
Master - £57.00 a month 
Each membership also comes with a month-long free trial so potential users of the software can ensure it is the right one for their business before they commit to anything. 


Docebo is used by large enterprises with less than 10,000 members of staff as well as small to medium sized businesses. Thanks to its easy-to-use technology, this LMS can be great for businesses wanting to connect with customers but also those delivering internal training. 
Docebo is frequented by industries such as Computer Software, Financial Services, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Publishing, Retail and Telecommunications. This LMS also comes with a free trial so you can see if the service it provides is right for your business. 

Adobe Captivate Prime 

Primary users for this LMS are Managers, Corporate Trainers, HR Leaders, Legal Teams and Sales Professionals in a range of industries such as Computer Software, Electronic Manufacturing, Financial Services, IT and Retail. 
Thanks to its world-class content streaming, enterprise support, safety and security, Adobe Captivate Prime is used by millions of people all over the world. 

Absorb LMS 

Regardless of whether you are a small to mid-sized business or a large corporation, thanks to how Absord LMS has been crafted, it should be able to work for you. It focuses on aligning a business’s learning needs with the demands of that business. 
It is used frequently by organisations that operate in Computer Software, Financial Services, Food and Beverages, Hospital and Health Care, IT, Manufacturing and Retail. 
This LMS is cloud-based and offers 24/7 support to its users so if you ever have any queries on a particular aspect of this system, there will be someone on hand to help. 
Priced in a similar way to Adobe Captivate Prime, Absorb LMS will charge £3 per feature. 


Learningbank are an award-winning next generation LMS that are perfect for businesses that operate in Financial Services, Human Resources, IT, Manufacturing and Retail. It incorporates lots of pre-built gamified learning content within its system meaning employees and customers are able to learn in a faster and more engaging way. The pricing of Learningbank starts at around £345 a month and varies depending on what services you would like your subscription to include. 


Frequented all over the world because of how easy it is to use, learn from and publish content on, TalentLMS is specifically designed to be accessible for everyone from executives to newly recruited employees to customers. 
It is used by businesses in a number of different industries, which include airlines/aviation, food and beverages, hospital and health care, IT and Retail. 
TalentLMS offer users a free trial, after which a subscription cost starts at around £42 a month. 

Skillcast LMS 

As a fully managed, cloud based LMS, Skillcast LMS allows companies to deliver all types of e-learning, be it for customers or colleagues, on one single platform. This platform is used by businesses in Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Oil and Energy and Utilities. 
Subscriptions for Skillcast LMS are done on an annual basis, meaning they are a great option if you would like to commit to an LMS and build on it. It also offers a free trial period so you can try before you buy. The starting price for an annual subscription is £1000. 

Need Help Choosing an LMS? 

Itseeze web design Windsor
Despite the above, choosing an LMS that is right for your business can be extremely difficult. Many companies are opting to use Web Design Specialists to help them choose the right LMS that can be integrated via their websites. 
At it’seeze Windsor, we are committed to helping businesses start and grow by establishing a strong online presence that can be accessed by customers and employees alike. If you would like more information on how to develop your businesses online presence and how you can integrate LMS’s into your business to ensure its growth, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help. 
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